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Today I am playing Roblox Phantom Forces it is a fun game where you can snipe people push and hit other players with your melee weapon. I also played madden 20 which is a football game that you can play as your favorite team make the best team in the game and get a challenge…

Friend site

Today I’m going to see my friend (not in Person) And we are going to play the X-Box together and chat.But before I can do that I have to do a lot of chores.

Teddy Bear Travel

Today I went around town in my moms car(with Mom)._. We went around looking for teddy bears while my brother stayed home doing dishes.<3 I wanted to be out of the house and so did MOM.

New Tool

Today my dad decided to teach me how to mow the lawn. It took some practice on are tall grass but I got it Eventually. I also played a game I got two years ago on the X-Box with my brother. We couldn’t find out how to do the next level so we made a…


Today was very hot here.(82* Fahrenheit) When I went to read outside with my brother we both complained it was to hot so we got a fan and it was still hot! Later on we decided to head in were the AC was.

Back To School

Today we started online learning. It is not as easy as you think, Your teachers don’t explain it to you so you have to figure it out on your own. I had a hard time figuring out some math problems and getting on meetings.


Today has been kind of odd so far I think that It might be a weird week this week. I say this because my mom has to work I have nothing to do And my dad has to clean the carpets all in one weekend. I am really enjoying my warriors books (Recommended) I have…


Today is a regular day no trips, no special video games just a boring regular day. our schedule included reading for an hour, do EDU stuff and being outside in our back yard for two or three hours. Then we practiced instruments and blog. After this I am going to play more video games and…

Were Going Fishing!

Today we got up played video games and went fishing. While we were fishing it was really windy and my rod nearly blew away! I got my rod ready and went to cast but the wind tangled the line up! I finally got my rod in the water and pretty much got stuck instantly on…

Video Game Mayhem

Today I played Star-Wars Battlefront 2 with my brother and found out that I am a pretty good pilot and like to play with my brother. He found a new game mode that I had not known of and I like it because you build fleets, train troopers and control the galaxy. After I turned…


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